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Here you can find some of the excellent Scenarios from our club members for you to download and try out!
Let us know if you liked them or if they can be improved or changed - Let us know your views!
Lord of the Rings - Strategy Battle Game

Battle Company Rules

Download the rules for this game here : Battle Companies Rulebook

These scenarios were from a narrative campaign, hence the storytale beginnings!

Scenario - Black Smoke Rises!

The settlement is burned to the ground and the smoke still rises.

This was a recent attack.

Be aware, those who put the town to the sword and flame may still be within.

Scenario - In Pursuit...
The trees part in front of the escaping warband.
The enemy hot on their heels, can they make it out of reach before it’s too late?

Or will they stand and cut down their hated enemy?
Scenario - The Refuge

The gorge opens out and the land drops away with a dense forest beyond, a path may be found through, but it will be slow going and individuals could become lost.

Will the warband reach the rumoured haven or will their enemy run them down before they can reach safety and bar the doors?
Scenario - The Long Dark

The warbands enter a tunnel system underground, their enemy somewhere within the catacombs!

What other horrors lurk in the darkness -
will they distinguish between the servants of good and evil?

Will either warband surface to the outside world or be lost beneath the ground, never to be seen again?

This scenario sheet allows you to play in a dungeon setting with randomly determined treasure, doors and monsters!


Scenario Supplement - Death From Below

Gather your warbands Wizards and set forth into the ruins of Frostgrave with the undead raising and dark denizens causing more mayhem and mischief!

Can you force back the undead?

Find and defeat the mysterious and dangerous "Shadow-man"!

This is a totally unofficial fan-made scenario supplement for the Frostgrave game. Note that a copy of Frostgrave & Thaw of The Lich Lord Rulebooks are needed to fully play this supplement.