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Battle Reports

Battle Reports

Here you can find some of the exciting Battle Reports  from our club members!

BR 01: The House of Garforth Divided!

The Earl of Garforth has finally died in his bed and his two sons Andrew and Richard are locked in a struggle for precedence, both seeking to lay claim to their father's full fortune, land and title!

Andrew is the eldest son, but unfortunately, bar his superb moustache, he is a very unremarkable character.

Richard is brave of heart and very much a brawler.

Both have gathered a loyal retinue from their father's retainers and tenants and
are now ready to do battle on Kippax Moor!

BR 02: The Reprimand
The newly widowed Lady Garforth could do naught but watch the horror unfold from the upper battlements of Garforth Castle as her sons and their men hacked at each other for dominance...

Ill news travels swift...

Richard of Garforth's uncle, Baron Christophe de Swarcliffe is none too pleased to hear
that his much favoured nephew, Andrew has been killed and that his far less favoured nephew, Richard is in possession of Garforth Castle, the family's fortified manor house.
BR 03: Back From The Wars
Upon hearing that his lands have been claimed by his neighbour in the name of the King, Baron Antoine De Walton has returned from the continent with the vast majority of his free company.

Ye goode neighbour, Sir Richard Rash (though he prefers Hotspur) has
merrily been collecting taxes, in the name of the King, from Antoine's subjects, and even more merrily adding the coin to his own coffers! 

Sir Richard has raised his standard and his large retinue (partially funded
indirectly by De Walton) marches out to meet Antoine's invading 'foreigners' at the Black Toll Inn.
BR04: The Battle Of Chris Cross
Richard of Garforth has once more rallied an army to his standard and advances upon Garforth to regain his ancestral seat.  In his path his uncle, Baron Christophe de Swarcliffe  has placed the retinue of Willum le Grand, youngest son of the Earl of Kippax. Willum, recently returned from the Holy Land, has a small yet strong personal retinue, expensive in its upkeep. Willum was more than happy to take payment from Christophe in return for his services.

BR05: Don't Throw Momma From The Wagon
Following his victory over Willum le Grand, Richard of Garforth continues his advance upon Garforth to regain his ancestral seat from his uncle, Baron Christophe de Swarcliffe. Richard's physician is greatly perplexed; his master calls himself King and has elevated a lowly friar to Arch Bishop of Ossett! 

Something slightly different . . .

BR06: Lion Rampant & Dragon Rampant

This December (2015) Dan Mersey's Dragon Rampant is released, being a fantasy rule set based on Lion Rampant:

Whether you're a nameless Dark Lord looking to conquer the known world, a Champion of Light holding out against the forces of evil or a Northern barbarian facing claimants to a stolen throne, Dragon Rampant allows you to bring those battles to the tabletop. Developed from the popular Lion Rampant system, Dragon Rampant is a standalone wargame that recreates the great battles of Fantasy fiction.