East Leeds Militaria
Wargames Club

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East Leeds Militaria Society Wargames Club (ELMS) is a hobby wargaming group.

We use miniature figures and models to recreate historical or fictional combat in the form of a game for enjoyment and recreation.

East Leeds Militaria Society Wargames Club (ELMS) - Club meets every Thursday night from 19.30pm til 22.30pm and every first Sunday of the month from 10.30am.

Founded in 1971, the club is run on a non-profit basis with any excess funds being redistributed or spent on equipment for the club. There are approximately 40 members with a regular attendance of 15 -20 each session, we always welcome new players. Our emphasis at the club is fun with a competitive edge. There are no age restrictions, but under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Get in touch, come along and give it a try!

The club plays a vast range of different gaming systems and settings; from historical and fiction to sci-fi and magical fantasy.

You name it we've played it!

The club has access to a large selection of tables, battle boards/mats, scenery and terrain, rule sets, measuring tapes and any other equipment you may need for a tabletop conflict.

Games We Play

Systems includes:
- Ancients
- Napoleonic
- American Civil War
- English Civil War
- Flames of War
- Battlefront
- Bolt Action
- Galleys
- Zombicide
- Saga
- Frostgrave
- Coastal Forces

- Principles of War

- Spearhead
- Wings of War (WW1 and 2)
- X Wing
- Kings of War
- Warhammer Fantasy
- Warhammer 40,000
- LOTR Sbg

Currently running Frostgrave, Gladiator and Saga campaigns.

If you would like to know more - contact us!

Club Address:

ELMS Wargames Club, Firthfields Community Centre, Firthfields, Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire. LS25 2HD

Want more information about the club? Why not download our Club Handbook!
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